Dawn of the Longest Night

Continuing my experiments with time-lapse photography, with people wittering about how it was the longest night I put the camera in the back bedroom window and set it to take a photo every 30 seconds from 5am. The battery ran out at 8:27.

The first photos have a shutter speed of 15sec which decreases as the light emerges. The aperture was fixed at f/9 to ensure focus (not much to focus on at 5am).

The film is made at 15 fps. I did it in Quicktime 7 using this guide. (I knew it was worth hanging on to Quicktime 7 after Quicktime X came out. So many more features.)

It’s just a trial run but I do like how people’s bathroom lights flicker on and off before the dawn. I’m tempted to do it again in the early evening just pointing at the houses.

When processing it I accidentally exported at some really highly compressed settings. The result was actually very pleasing. Notice how everything is normal and then as the sun rises you realise THE WORLD IS MADE OF PIXELS!


If you have somewhere very secure with a great view where that I could leave my camera for hours on end, do get in touch.