A 40th Birthday Gathering

[Update: Thanks to Michael being unable to not make a fuss, we might be have hired the large rear bar area now. Or we might not. This is why I didn't want to make a fuss.]

On September 19th, barring any unforseen busses, I will have managed to stay alive for 40 years (aka 14,600 days, 350,400 hours or 1,261,440,000 seconds). A few days later my good friend Michael Grimes will also reach the same point in his existence. Neither of us want to make a fuss so we’ve hatched a plan.

We’re going to the pub on Friday 21st September and are inviting you to join us.

The pub in question is The British Oak in Stirchley. We’re probably not going to formally reserve a room, for that would constitute “a fuss” which we’re trying to avoid making, but will merely occupy the lounge on the right hand side from 7.30-ish.

Here’s the pub on a map:

Here’s an annotated photograph of the front of the pub:

Here’s a sketch of the rooms of the pub with the room we’re planning to occupy marked in red:

So if you come in the main entrance and find yourself in the main bar area you don’t have to turn around like some kind of “oh, I don’t like the look of this place” person. Just keep walking through all the rooms.

On a personal note, gifts are really not necessary and I’ve never understood the point of cards. If you really want to buy me something I have an Amazon wishlist. The greatest gift is knowing I have friends who care and will forgive me my idiocies. And I mean that, no matter how wanky it sounds.

18 thoughts on “A 40th Birthday Gathering

  1. so drawing a map, making an amazon list, and doctoring photos of the pub isn’t making a fuss? i think you should go sit in a bus stop and hope someone notices you. that would be the most unfussy thing to do.

  2. Think you’ve covered every possible base in terms of “How to get to my birthday party”. Except Lat/Lon co-ordinates, which are:

    +52° 25′ 41.32″, -1° 55′ 20.30″

    Useful for people using GPS devices, sailors using sextons, pilots, and others heading for your drinkathon.

    Also, drone strikes.

    Possibly see you there.

  3. Good choice for the venue (the faggots and peas for seniors is extremely good value) and I seem to remember they sell (or did sell) mild ale.

    Note to beer drinkers, the toilets, not shown on the spectacularly drawn map, are off to the left and well worth a visit for the state of art plumbing, c. 1920.

    Unfortunately, I will be elsewhere, but do have fun.

  4. In your diagram you appear to have placed the entrance to the beer garden where the toilets are.

    This could be asking for trouble and I think you should correct it.

  5. I hope you weren’t responsible for the state of the Blackberry Cider I had the other day, Daz. Although, it would explain the taste.

  6. @Daz. As Michael has pointed out, the entrance to the toilets is next to the entrance to the garden so you are merely confusing them. The question is begged how you can be familiar with the layout of the pub but never have had cause to urinate there.

  7. I feel I have to correct those posters using nautical terminology; it’s a Sextant, not a “Sexton” which is a church officer.

  8. Paul: I’m still slightly freaked out that you flew* over my previous house/island and took a photo of it. Several years before I became aware of Pete.

    (* for the pedants on here who may soon find themselves needing to have a sextant/sexton surgically removed, meaning he was in a plane as a passenger, not actually flying the damned thing)

  9. John, this proves what I believe to be the Six Degrees of Separation law – all of us are only six contacts away from everyone else on the planet. With the internet the number might now be less.

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