Revamp day 3

The overhaul of my online presences continues with a new design for the ASH-10 site, the home of my paid work and, in theory, the site that pays my rent.


This is was relatively simple job taking the Twenty Ten theme and tweaking it just a little bit, mainly around the header.

As with TTV Pete the main impetus was to strip out the noise and make things clearer. Now there’s just a navigation bar, a brief description in the sidebar followed by recent blog posts and comments. The noisy widgets which people rarely if ever use are down the bottom in Twenty Ten’s fantastic footer section.

And that’s about it. It doesn’t need any mess because the rest of my online presence takes care of that. This is message, pure and simple. Hire me.


I also spent a bit of time on the old blog pages. At first I was tweaking the theme to remove all sidebar clutter that was conflicting with how things are now but that seemed silly so I just whacked an untweaked Twenty Ten theme on there. Then I added Google Adsense adverts to the top and sidebar. They don’t show up if you’ve got AdBlock switched on and are really aimed at people coming from Google searches (cf this 2007 piece by Matt Haughey which is probably well out of date but the basic theory rings true.)

But ads aside the main thing is all that stuff is parked. Feels good.

And I think that’s it. The Tumblrs are okay and the socialnetworky thing look after themselves. Now I can get on with filling the things up with STUFF!