Tab dump

Those 30-odd tabs I had in Firefox? Here’s the best of them.

Heather Champ’s 6 month exposure of the sun rising over a hill is quite spectacular.

Finding Phyllis Nicklin is Dave Harte’s welcome narrative of the repeated discoveries of this Birmingham photographers archive and the resources spawned and lost along the way.

The complete works of HP Lovecraft in one gigantic eBook. A labour of love by someone who sells cuddley crocheted Cuthulhu dolls.

Jeff Stuka’s Hidden Birmingham – a pocket-sized tour of some curious bits. I should write one of these.

Andrew Rilstone’s Compleat Guide to Polical Correctness. An epic work debunking and disembowelling the those who manipulate society’s prejudices for their own ends. (Specifically Melanie Phillips and the Daily Mail.)

Links to winners of the 2011 National Magazine Awards Finalists for you to read at your leisure, complete with Instapaper links. For those who think the Internet is all about short attention spans and shallow thoughts. Those people should remember the Internet is a mirror.

Ed Pinsent has added the covers of Mauretania to his gallery. Maurentania was rightly know as one of the best small press comics of the late 80s / early 90s. Shame it’s just the covers, but…

To Whom Do We Owe This Money, Exactly? There has been some great writing lately questioning the logic behind our glorious coalition government’s decision to fuck everyone over to preserve a status quo. This is one of the better ones.

David Aaronovitch reckons Media Studies should be compulsory. I’d agree. In fact I often wonder if the derision lumped on media studies by the media is not co-incidental.

Sad Stuff On The Street – a Tumblr passed to me by Anna in reference to my Looking Down project.

We gather here today to … wait, why are we here? When you find yourself going to conferences, as seems to be the curse in Birmingham, eventually you will ask yourself why. Here is that step of the process in blog post form.

Marcel Duchamp’ Étant donnés was proffered to me by Matt in reference to something I was blathering on about with my TTV hat on. I’d not heard of it. It sounds magical.

Time for Change: On Birmingham’s Buses. A campaign for Birmingham’s buses to give change. I’d go one further and give the local transport authority Centro some teeth and strip National Express of their defacto monopoly over tickets and passes. If it’s good enough for London it’s good enough for us.

Project Platform is something I’d heard about but not gotten around to exploring. It’s one of those “young people blogging about their area” things and, yes, I’m looking at it now because I might be working with them but I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with the standard of the writing. Of course, the funding ends this summer but I reckon they’ll continue in some form. One to watch and nurture.

Tweetbot – just when you thought Twitter’s monopoly over iPhone apps meant there’d be no more innovation in the space, Tapbots enter the arena. It’s nice, it’s not radically different to Tweetie-as-was, it has some rough edges, but for a 1.0 release it’s a damn good start. Happy to support and recommend it.

Ken Campbell: The Great Caper. Tom Lennon digs out a bit of Robert Anton Wilson history – the nine hour stage adaptation of his Illuminatus trilogy. To quote Tom: “after listening to the Great Caper serialisation I found myself doing that thing middle-aged men rarely do: I wanted to be older. If I was older I could have seen this glorious folly in 1977, instead of pissing my life away on a diet of Star Wars, Spangles and The Six Million Dollar Man.”

And that’s about your lot.

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